Basic Microbiology (MUD 1153) Lecture 4

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone..

Thanks to Fadli and Sarawati for reminding me to upload this note. As usual, here goes the description. We have learned what taxonomy is and the level of classification in the five kingdoms system. You should have known what’s the meaning of strain, the five kingdom vs three domains system, why viruses are not assigned to any kingdom, etc. But I forgot to mention the criteria commonly used to classify bacteria during our class. They are the morphologies (e.g. cocci, bacilli, vibrio, etc.), staining characteristics (Gram + / -, acid fast, etc.) as well as biochemical characteristics (e.g. able to ferment glucose, able to resist high salt content, etc.).

One more thing, as you know this week is a test week, so no labs on Thursday. Please study all chapters (1-4), the questions will be in forms of MCQ and SAQ. Good luck!

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