Basic Microbiology (MUD 1153) Lecture 2 & 3

Assalamualaikum & Salam sejahtera everyone..

I’m sure this is what u’ve been waitin’ for, notes chapter 2 and 3. Here u go, guys.

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All rite, let me summarize about these notes. In chapter 2 we learned about the typical arrangements of bacteria such as diplo, tetrad, sarcinae, strepto, staphylo, etc. and we also learned about the basic structure of a prokaryotic cell. Cell wall, outer membrane, capsule, fimbriae / pili, flagella, plasmid, etc.

In chapter 3, I told you about way bacteria grow (lag, log, stationary & death phases), the technique to obtain a pure organism as well as the different type and category of media.

You may download both notes here and here. But remember, these links will only active for a week or so. TQ..


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