Cytology I exam guide

To my cytology I students, this post could help you somewhere, somehow, sometime in your coming’s about the characteristics of a satisfactory and unsatisfactory PAP smear.


  • Indicates the specimen can provide useful information.
  • The cells from the transformation zone are present (squamous and endocervical cells).
  • No or partially obscuring blood (that allow interpretation of 50 – 75% of the epithelial cells).
  • No or minimal contaminants.
  • No or minimal air drying artifact.


  • Indicates the specimen is unreliable for the detection
    of cervical epithelial abnormalities.
  • The slide is not properly prepared, broken or unlabeled.
  • Scant (inadequate) epithelial component.
  • Absence of cells from transformation zone.
  • Presence of blood, inflammatory debris or air drying (which prevents interpretation of approximately 75% of the smear)

I wish you all the best and good luck!


4 thoughts on “Cytology I exam guide

  1. mne ade notes en edy brkenaan statisfactory and unstatisfactory? pelik laa.. stressss…bg la hint 3 soaln yg msok esei je..brkt taw bgtaw student ny.hehe

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