To all my students, please take note:

  • Lab Procedure (MLD1113): All classes have finished. You can view and study the final topic in this blog. You can also come to my office if you have any questions. For lab session, only group 1 (or group 2??) students are yet to have their practical (operation of light microscope, micropipette and spectrophotometer). So, for those involved please come to lab tomorrow morning (28/10/11; 09:00 AM).
  • Haematology I (MLD3113): Still have two topics to go. Both are important. So tomorrow (28/10/11; 11:00 AM) we will have a 2-hour class. Please come.
  • Cytology I (MLD2243): Two topics left to be finished. I think tomorrow afternoon (3 – 5 PM) we can finish it. But if you guys want to have it on weekend (Saturday / Sunday), it’s okay for me. You decide and let me know tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. If you wanna say something click ‘leave a message’ or ‘comment’ okay.


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